Welcome to A Web Whiteboard API!

A Web Whiteboard is a web-based shared whiteboard application. This means you can use the Web Whiteboard to draw, sketch and doodle together with your friends, colleagues or students, no matter where they are or which computer or device they're using. It is simple to use and we've made an API so that you don't have to deal with monsters like sockets and canvas we are dealing with every day.


Latest stable API

Currently, this is the latest stable version of AWW API and is currently in the process of upgrading to version 2. In this API V1, options like zooming and moving objects are not possible.

Learn more: API V1 docs.


Beta version of the API used in the current version of A Web Whiteboard.

Currently, this version is in beta ånd we encourage you to implement it and if you get stuck anywhere, let us know. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Learn more: API V2 docs.