Welcome to Web Whiteboard!

Web whiteboard is a web-based shared whiteboard application. This means you can use the Web Whiteboard to draw, sketch and doodle together with your friends, colleagues or students, no matter where they are or which computer or device they're using. It is simple to use and there's no registration needed.

Advanced features

If you need more advanced features than what's available out-of-the-box in Web Whiteboard, you can register and subscribe for a premium plan.

Premium plans allow you to save the boards you create so you can reuse them later, invite guests to watch you draw without allowing them to draw in the board, and even have a voice call with all the board participants (on compatible browsers and good-enough Internet connections).

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Add whiteboard to your site

You can also add a whiteboard widget to your own site.

This option is also available to our premium subscribers, and allows you to have one or more whiteboards on your website and customize their look and behaviour.

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