Premium subscriptions

While a lot of the functionality of A Web Whiteboard is available free and without requiring registration, some of our features are available only to premium subscribers.

There are a number of premium plans available, covering different premium use-cases:

Personal and Organization plans enable extra features on itself, such as loading and saving of boards, voice call and guest-only invite option.

Single, Startup and Enterprise plans enable you to add a whiteboard widget to your own site and customize its interface and behaviour. All plans come with 14-day free trial, and you can cancel them any time, either from your account details page or directly from PayPal.

All of the plans are managed in the same place, and can be mixed and matched as neccessary (for example, you may need a Personal plan for functionality, but also want to add a single board to your website so you'd also subscribe to a Single board plan).

Advanced tools

Advanced tools are Line, Rectangle, Filled Rectangle, Elipse, Filled Elipse, Mark and PPT/ PDF presentation upload.

To draw lines and shapes, just hold and pull the desired shape with the left click. Green dotted line will show you the path of the line/ shape until you release the click. Once you draw the line or shape you won't be able to move it or change the direction of it. Any change of color and density will apply on the line or shape.

Mark is the tool which shows participants of the board on which part of the board you are. This tool might be useful especially if you're presenting to a large audience or if you're having online drawing session.

Account management

To subscribe to any of the premium plans, you first need to sign up with your e-mail address and password. You can sign up on the registration page, or by selecting "Create new account" in the Account menu on a whiteboard.

Once subscribed, you can change your e-mail address or password as needed. You can also link your Twitter and Facebook accounts with AWW - if you do so, you'll also be able to sign in using your Twitter or Facebook account, instead of entering your email and password each time.

If you subscribe to Organization or School plan, you can manage your account members by selecting Manage accounts in your account details dashboard. You can add or erase members. You can add unlimited number of additional members with an additional charge to the total price of the plan.

On your account details page you'll also see the plans you've subscribed to, have the ability to cancel, or (in the case of Personal and Organization plans), upgrade or downgrade the plan.

Multipage board

Multipage board feature allows you to make separated drawings without using new board or erasing drawings from current one. Creating new page is as easy as clicking on the + button at the bottom of the board. Content of every page is visible to all participants invited to the board.

With multipage board you can easily navigate through your drawings as there is a pagination and the arrow in both directions at the bottom of each page. Every invitee sees the page that the creator of the board is viewing or interacting with.

PDF/PPT upload

This feature allows you to upload PDF and PPT files into AWW whiteboard. When you select the option, a browsing dialog will open in order to choose from the documents on your computer. When you click on the selected file, you’ll have to wait for a few seconds until the upload completes.

Every slide of presentation or text document will show up in the separate page of the multipage board. You can erase any page of the PDF or PPT file by clicking undo tool.

Saved boards

While logged in to your awwapp account, you can save the board template you're currently working on by clicking the boards menu item, and then entering the board name and clicking the Save button. The number of boards you can save depends on the subscription you have.

To load a board template, select it (a green check-mark will appear in its upper-right corner) and then click "Load selected board". Loading a board template will create a new board every time you load it, and the changes will not be shared between these boards. So if you want to share the board with other people, you should first load it and then share it.

To delete one or more board template, select the trash-can icon in the upper-right corner of the board template and select "Delete board template".

Guest-only invites

As a premium user, while inviting people you can choose to invite them as guests. Guests can see what's happening on the board but can't draw or write to it (they can chat in the board text chat, though). To send someone a guest-only link, check the "invite as guest" switch in the invite dialog.

You can selectively grant or revoke the permission to guests to write on the board by going to the sharing menu and clicking on the people to grant or revoke the permission.


Users on Firefox or Chrome browsers or Android tablets or smartphones can also take advantage of our built-in voice chat (notably, iPhones and iPads are not supported at this time, sorry). As a premium user, if you're using one of the mentioned compatible browsers or devices, you can click on the microphone icon to start voice chat.

Once the voice chat is started, any board participant can click on the microphone icon to join the voice chat (and click it again to leave the voice chat).

Quality of voice chat depends also on the speed of the network the users are on so your user experience may vary.