Using A Web Whiteboard

Upon arriving on and clicking Start drawing, you immediately arrive at an empty whiteboard and you can draw right away.

The whiteboard is not yet shared with other people - it's your private drawing area. You can invite other people at any time from the menu (see below). You can use Web Whiteboard just fine even if you never want to invite anyone to draw with you.

Uploading images to the board

Selecting the image tool will immediately open up the image-open dialog, in which you can choose the image from your computer or device to add to the board. On iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets, you'll have the choice of taking a new photo or selecting an existing image from your photos / camera roll.

After you make a selection, your image will be shown in the center of the board, and you will be able to move it around, resize it and rotate it. If you're on a touchscreen device (tablet or smartphone), you can move the image around by holding and dragging it, and you can resize and rotate it using the standard two-finger movement. If you're on a computer, you'll have green handles on the corners of the image - clicking those will resize and rotate the image.

When you're satisfied, select the green checkmark to actually add the image to the board. You can also cancel the whole thing by selecting the red stop sign next to the green checkmark. Please note that for large images, and depending on your Internet connection, it may take a while to upload the image to the board, and likewise, to download and display it each time the board is displayed (eg. when you rejoin it, or when you use an undo operation). This can often happen with photos taken with a smartphone, since modern phones have many-megapixel cameras and can create images with considerable file sizes.

Writing text

When the text tool is selected, clicking or tapping anywhere in the board will allow you to write a line of text there. When done, hit the "Enter" key or select "Done" on the on-screen keyboard. You can cancel the operation any time by hitting "escape" key or, on touch devices, hiding the keyboard.

For touchscreen devices without a keyboard, bringing the keyboard on screen may have visible side-effect on the whiteboard (panning and zooming). Do not worry, the board will correctly re-display and your text will be added exactly where you wanted after the keyboard is hidden.

The text will be written in currently-selected color. If you change your mind, you can select another color from the menu at any time while writing the text. You can also drag the text around to reposition it anywhere in the board, which is useful if you're not sure in advance (before adding the text) where it should be positioned.

After the text is added to the board, it can't be changed any longer (except by erasing it using the eraser tool, or undoing the text operation).

Undoing the last operation

You can undo almost any operation you do on the board, including the eraser. The only exception is if you clear the entire board using the Clear tool. To undo your last operation, just select the Undo tool and your last operation will immediately be revoked.

If you have uploaded big images to the board, undoing may take some time as the entire board is redrawn and images are re-downloaded to it. Also please note that in the shared whiteboard, you can only undo YOUR operation - you can't undo anything someone else drew (or erased) on the board. This makes it painless to fix your mistakes without accidentally interfering with someone else drawing on the board.

Sharing the whiteboard

When you select "invite to board" in the Sharing menu, a dialog will open. You can choose between few options when inviting people on the board. You can copy – paste the address of the board, you can take a photo of a QR code generated below the address URL, or send the link via an email. When you select "send link via email", which will open your favorite email client with all the information already there - you just need to set the recipient and send the email.

Also, there is a special sharing option for teachers who have created AWW account. If you are a teacher and have a G suite, you can share your board to the Google Classroom class. In order to unlock this option, you'll need to sign in and check the Google Classroom Integration box in your account details. Sharing the board to the Google Classroom allows you to make an assignment using the board content.

The people you invite will be able to draw and participate in the whiteboard with no restrictions by default. You can see all participants by clicking on the show users button under the sharing board section. You can change names of users by typing desired name in the text box showing current name. For premium subscribers, there's also an option to invite guests without giving them permission to draw on the board. If you need this option, please have a look at our premium plans.

Once you share a whiteboard, you can also participate in the text chat with all the people on the board. If you're sharing the board from your computer, a chat box will appear in the lower-right corner as soon as you send an invite. On devices with smaller screens (smartphones), the chat box is not shown immediately to leave you as much space for drawing as possible. You can always show or hide the chat box from the Sharing menu.

Posting the whiteboard image online

Whether you're drawing alone or use a shared whiteboard, you can post the board online as image, so others can see the result of your work.

Board expiration

Shared boards exist as long as there's activity in them. After two hours of inactivity, the board will be closed, and everything in it erased.

Keyboard shortcuts

Draw on our online whiteboard without hassle using keyboard shortcuts. Here is the list of shortcuts:

  • p = pencil
  • t = text
  • e = eraser
  • u = undo
  • 1 - 5 = tool size
  • i = invite to board