Online Whiteboard For Managers

Connect the entire team for the same price - no matter how big it is

Imagine: Unlimited remote collaboration! Have remote meetings on a real-time whiteboard with built-in voice communication. Bring your entire team together for a fraction of a price of online meeting tools.

Use AWW board to:

  • do your web conferencing without cumbersome and expensive software
  • connect the unlimited number of people on board by sharing a single link
  • link the whiteboard to Skype and extend regular video communication

Make brilliant ideas happen with collaborative brainstorming board

Spark your creativity! Invite entire team to brainstorm on a virtual post-it board and have your ideas safely saved in one place.

Use AWW board to:

  • have the unlimited online post-it board - you can't run out of space
  • easily write ideas when on the go - it works with any mobile device
  • update your brainstorming board whenever you have a new idea

Visualize the big picture with a virtual concept board

Make sure everybody sees the big picture. Have your business concepts and goals at hand and synced with the team.

Use AWW board to:

  • adjust your focus by zooming your concept board in and out
  • have a quick access to your concept boards from a board dashboard
  • easily make updates to your concepts by editing your boards

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