Online Whiteboard For School teachers

Build up your students' confidence by boosting their understanding

Students who get formative feedback have a better understanding and gain greater self-confidence. Use an assignment dashboard to create assignments, view them in real-time and give immediate feedback.

Use AWW board to:

  • give meaningful, immediate feedback to their assignments - even if you're at home
  • track their progress and help them with their struggles in real-time
  • anonymously help introverts who are normally too shy to ask for help

Engage absent students with lessons in real time

Forget about the “While you were out” forms and “Make-up work” assignments. Involve your absent students with real-time online lessons - make them feel like they are right there in the classroom.

Use AWW board to:

  • let absent students participate in the class
  • share lessons with parents and involve them in the classroom
  • export and share lessons with students

Prepare your students for the future with the 21st-century skills

Prepare your students for the jobs of the future. Boost their collaborative and creative skills with group assignments on an online collaboration board.

Tutor multiple students at the same time and increase earnings per session.

Use AWW board to:

  • send group assignments to the entire class with a single click
  • export boards to PDF for homework assignments
  • store all your student's work in a cloud for a later review

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