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Improve in-class lessons

Since you are not tied to a physical whiteboard and only the front of the classroom you can have better teacher-student interaction and present lessons better. With this online tool, you can create engaging activities in which every student can participate.

Use AWW app board to:

  • track students’ progress and help them with their struggles in real-time
  • give immediate and meaningful feedback
James Collier
“AWWAPP is something I use in my classroom daily. Having a virtual whiteboard is a great tool for my classroom because as soon as I finish with a lecture, I export the file and can upload the notes to Google Classroom. Now if a student misses class, no more having to hunt down a fellow classmate for a reliable set of notes. I have used this in live and virtual settings and even have my students use it when they are needed assistance with the class. My classroom works because of the tools available in AWWAPP. It's a tool I wouldn't wanna be without in my classroom.”

Remote lessons

Whether the students are absent, or it’s a snow day or more extreme situations like the lock down are stopping you from having classes, with AWW App there is no more falling behind for anyone.

Use AWW app board to:

  • let absent students participate in the class
  • hold online lessons with the whole classroom from home
  • make and do engaging activities with your students
João Carlos Gama de Matos
“I'm a brazilian teacher of French, and I mainly use AWW for my virtual classes, in case of students that can't have access to presencial classes. I like the clean interface of AWW and how it is easy to input picture files. It is practical, since it runs in the internet browser and does not require installation of any application.”

Create fun and creative assignments

Whether it is an assignment you give during the lesson or a homework assignment, an online whiteboard gives students the opportunity for creative visual collaboration. Students can practice their teamwork skills without the need to rearrange the classroom, and they can even do it from home.

Use AWW app board to:

  • send group assignments to the entire class with a single click
  • enhance students’ collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and presentation skills
  • store all the work they have done in a cloud for a later review
“Awwapp has been a great help in explaining math and science to my middle and high school students. I can copy and paste diagrams, write or draw on them using a lot of different colors, and the best part is that I can ask the kids to write answers or circle things on diagrams so that I can check their understanding. At the end of each session, I make sure to download a pdf to send to the student to keep as review material.”

Manage participants on your board

Many online collaboration tools for teachers make it hard to maintain order in the classroom. With AWW App you can choose if you want to share your board for everyone to edit, to only view or share a copy of the board to each student so only they edit their copy.

Use AWW app board to:

  • have group discussions where everyone can brainstorm ideas and collaborate together
  • give lessons without interruption
  • involve students and call them to the board individually, just like with real whiteboard
“AWW App enables me to easily illustrate and diagram literacy concepts while I teach online. With the invite feature, my students are actively engaged with every lesson. I use AWW App for formative assessments, too. This is my favorite online teaching tool!”

Have infinite space - better than a real whiteboard

AWW App allows you to go through each topic deeply with the students with every part, task, or instruction in the same place. You never lose the work you do among piles of paper, and students can always go back to everything you covered in class.

Use AWW app board to:

  • connect lessons by the topics for better understanding
  • use pages to separate different parts of the lesson, but keep them on the same board
  • help students with their study notes
Sofia Sokhareva
“I have been teaching English online with AWW for quite a few years now. When choosing a board initially, I'd gone through quite a few alternatives and settled on AWW - and I haven't regretted my decision once. It does everything a board should: there's drawing, text, shapes, images, etc; it has pages, rather than one endless canvas, which makes it way easier to organise when preparing a lesson; export and import options are excellent, too. It's also a fast developing tool, with new great features added every once in a while.”

Stay safe and healthy with AWW App

In these times when social distance is extremely important, there is still a need for group collaboration. Online whiteboard is one of the best tools for teachers and classrooms to collaborate visually and safely.

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