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AWW App is an online tool that helps educators all around the world make a change and a real impact on education in the easiest way possible.
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Remote tutoring

Tutor students around the world from the comfort of your home, regardless of your location, and save travel costs. Create the best tutoring experience for students with real-time online visual collaboration.

Use AWW app board to:

  • create and share your lessons on the go - AWW App works really well on tablets and mobile devices
  • track students’ progress and help them with their struggles in real-time
  • give immediate and meaningful feedback
Kevin Bennett
“I use AWW to tutor my mathematics students. I teach students 2 miles away or 4000 miles away and it's as if they are sitting right next to me. My students have also commented that they find it really useful.”

Easy to use

AWW App is very simple and instinctive to use - you and the students of different ages get used to it very quickly. You don't have to be a technical expert to create beautiful interactive lessons. Also, students don’t need to create new accounts - they can collaborate right away.

Use AWW app board to:

  • save time - create and customize lesson templates in advance
  • just start working - there is no need for long preparations and explanations of how the AWW App works
Sofia Sokhareva
“I have been teaching English online with AWW for quite a few years now. When choosing a board initially, I'd gone through quite a few alternatives and settled on AWW - and I haven't regretted my decision once. It does everything a board should: there's drawing, text, shapes, images, etc; it has pages, rather than one endless canvas, which makes it way easier to organise when preparing a lesson; export and import options are excellent, too. It's also a fast developing tool, with new great features added every once in a while.”

Upload PDF, PNG and PPT to AWW App

Create your lessons easily by uploading PDF or PPT to them. If your students have a task they don’t understand, they can just screenshot it, upload it to the board and you can go through it together.

Use AWW app board to:

  • create fun and creative activities and lessons
  • share tutoring materials with students
“This makes all the difference when it comes to teaching math courses online. It's great to be able to upload images and pdfs and edit them directly on the board. It helps keep me organized having different boards for different topics/courses.”

Improve your work with students

AWW App even makes in-person tutoring more dynamic. Students can be more engaged when collaborating with you on the board simultaneously: they are no longer only watchers - they become doers.

Use AWW app board to:

  • switch your students from passive listeners to engaged and active thinkers
  • improve the quality of your tutoring and the quality of students' understanding and knowledge
Anna Skoping
“I am a self-employed English teacher, I've been using AWW for some years to make my online lessons more interactive and engaging. I place the exercises, text and pictures on the AWW board and students can underline new words, circle the correct answers, match words and pictures and so on. Kids enjoy these things, and adults find them convenient too!”

Have all your work in one place

Save all the lessons you have ever held for potential reuse with other students or upgrade them over time. Also, with AWW App boards you can follow all the tutoring lessons you have gone through with each student more easily.

Use AWW app board to:

  • organize your work by the lessons you held with each student
  • go back to previous lessons with students, if there is a need to repeat anything
  • plan what needs to be further explained and taught based on passed work
Nicolas C.
“I use AWW with the students I teach as a distance learning private tutor. AWW allows me to create a board on which both I and the students can write on, just as we would do on a sheet of paper if we were in the same room. I can share my slides and other documents with them, and everything is in the same place, which is convenient for them as they can use the link to find what we have done together - so that it's never lost (as would a sheet of paper kept with many 15-year-olds !).”

Stay safe and healthy with AWW App

In these times when social distance is extremely important, there is still a need for group collaboration. Online whiteboard is one of the best tools for teachers and classrooms to collaborate visually and safely.

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